About Us

Our Company Overview

UPV SOLAR was promoted in 2004 by directors who played a pioneering role in

solar PV cell and module manufacture in India

for decades. Technology development was considered key to engaging in solar PV space. with the same skill and grit in mind, the Directors have been engaged in In-house development of innovative solar panels as well as process development.

The company has been a fore runner in meeting the water pumping, Grid-Tie and


applications based on PV, apart from manufacture and export of solar specialty

solar modules

for overseas buyers under OEM basis.
Want To Know About Us?

The design capabilities are employed by the in-house team led by N. Udayakumar and Ashok udayakumar. The team has evolved with a right mix of engineers of different branches and the technicians who have been trained to acquire the desired skill levels.Thus, the customer support division has evolved having acquired abundant hands on experience.

The selective automation employed in the facility has helped the company achieve high yield levels. The total plant capacity of 10 MW on two shifts helps deliver quality PV Modules within a short lead time. Special application modules were developed with In-house design capability and exported for the past over a decade to Europe, USA, UK, Australia and other parts of the world.


Solar Modules

have optimum performance under varying solar insolation,
especially under low intensity. Optimum Energy Generation is a standard feature of UPV Modules. This is achieved besides high efficiency at STC. This is comparable to the best in global industry standards.

The easily scalable production capabilities key to our successful growth in the sector